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  • How can I contact Krie?
    For general enquiry, here at Krie we are dedicated to providing customer care, so if you seek assistance please use the ‘Contact us’ menu on the website, or alternatively, email your query to
  • How can I take care of gold plated earrings from Krie?
    The gold plated earrings can gradually wear and start to show the sterling silver, titanium, surgical steel layer beneath. The places that come into most contact with your skin will be the first to fade as the oils in our skin wear down the gold. This is especially relevant for earrings sitting against the skin which might be in contact with creams and perfumes. -A gentle clean with a soft 100% cotton cloth is ideal for maintaining your earrings shine. -Try to not wear your earrings in the shower or pool as the chlorine will tarnish it. -Apply any perfume, body lotion or creams and let dry before you put on your earrings. -For the best care, gently clean and store your earrings in a little airtight bag when not being worn to minimize tarnish.
  • Can I change details on my order?
    We are unable to change/amend an order once you have received your confirmation email. This includes all order details.
  • How do I get an after-sale service?
    We at Krié earrings offer an after sale service for the eventuality of a break or damage. The charge for this after sale service would depend on the individual circumstance. We want you to be very happy with Krié earrings.
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