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Material for our earrings' studs

Anyone who has sensitive ears knows how it limits your options of wearing metal earrings. Here at Krié you can find various types of hypoallergenic earrings that can save you from the itching, discomfort, and even infection. If you can’t comfortably wear a pair of regular earrings, the odds are that you’re having an allergic reaction to nickel. If you want to buy pure gold or silver jewelry to avoid nickel, it doesn’t exist. Gold and silver are too soft in their pure forms to hold up as jewelry. That’s why they alloy other metals like nickel to add strength and color.

  • Nickel free stud: Any earrings labeld 'Nickel free' from Krié are 16k Gold plated brass

  • Titanium stud: Type of metal that will entice you with its sturdiness and glossy grayish shade. Often used in the medical ground, this is the most reliable and safe option for sensitive skin.

  • Silver 925/Sterling silver stud: An alloy of 92.5% silver along with copper, it significantly reduces the chances of allergy, being a complete value for money. Moreover, the earrings are plated with silver or rhodium for further protection and a shiny look.

  • Surgical steel stud: Although not completely nickel free, surgical steel rarely causes allergy, thus making it suitable for all. This material is used for ear piercing.

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